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When I get asked what I do for work I say “I do online work from home” but what I really want to say is…. 

Hey, I’m Cindy.

I love little people and am always on the lookout for creative ways to spoil them and their mommies! As much as I’d love another baby of my own, I find fulfillment in supporting mom’s struggling through miscarriage, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and all the tests and trials that come with being a new mommy.  I help moms deal with uncertainty while finding ways to create self-confidence in doing things for the first time… all while looking like an “old Pro”!

I am so blessed to have two growing healthy children. In my endeavors to support other young moms struggling within themselves, I am often brought back to the challenges I experienced with both of my pregnancies.  Going back 14 years to my first pregnancy, I battled with tormenting rashes, bleeding and the fear of having a downs syndrome baby due to cysts that showed up in her brain. I am so lucky to have a perfectly healthy normal daughter who is rapidly evolving into a beautiful young woman. My second pregnancy three years later went a lot more smoothly but we did have the concern through this one of our baby only having one kidney. This time we were gifted with a healthy little boy who does have only one kidney but fortunately never had any complications.

Are you struggling through your pregnancy? Not coping as a new mommy? I’m not a doctor or a psychiatrist, but sometimes working through these troubles with someone emotionally detached from you can bring a sense of calm and confidence to help you through another day (or night). Don’t hesitate to shoot me a note at the email below!

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